State lottery minimum age

The state lottery in the United States has different minimum ages to play in different states. This is typical for all types of regulation concerning gambling age on state level. Some states lack regulation about the age requirement to play on the state lottery (as far as we have been able to determine), and anyone is hence welcome to play the lottery in that state, or the state do not feature a state lottery.

The most common gambling age for the state lottery is 18 yearsbut certain states such as Arizona and Iowa require you to be 21 years of age before you are allowed to play. Below you can find a list of the minimum required age to play the state lottery in different states in the USA.

Minimum Gambling Age for State Lottery

Alabama n/a

Alaska n/a

Arizona 21

Arkansas 18

California 18

Colorado 18

Connecticut 18

Delaware 18

District of Columbia 18

Florida 18

Georgia 18

Hawaii n/a

Idaho 18

Illinois 18

Indiana 18

Iowa 21

Kansas 18

Kentucky 18

Louisiana 21

Maine 18

Maryland 18

Massachusetts 18

Michigan 18

Minnesota 18

Mississippi n/a

Missouri 18

Montana 18

Nebraska 19

Nevada n/a

New Hampshire 18

New Jersey 18

New Mexico 18

New York 18

North Carolina 18

North Dakota n/a

Ohio 18

Oklahoma 18

Oregon 18

Pennsylvania 18

Puerto Rico 18

Rhode Island 18

South Carolina 18

South Dakota 18

Tennessee 18

Texas 18

Utah n/a

Vermont 18

Virgin Islands 18

Virginia 18

Washington 18

West Virginia 18

Wisconsin 18

Wyoming n/a

Information in the list may be wrong and should not be considered legal advice. Check with a lawyer or with the state to make sure.

The minimum age to play on the lottery varies in the rest of the world just like it does between the different states in the USA. The most common legal gambling age for lotteries around the world is 18 years, but there are plenty of exceptions. If you want to play the lottery in a foreign country you should therefore always ask the staff about the gambling age if you are below 25 years of age. If you where to win you may not get your prize if they find out that you are actually to young to play the lottery. Also remember that gambling, including lotteries, are illegal in some areas and countries – regardless of the age of the player.

The rules regarding minimum gambling age may differ between different lotteries and between different types of lotteries within the same jurisdiction. The gambling age might as an example not be the same for the national lottery as it is for small local charity lotteries with small prices. It can therefore be good to ask about the gambling age every time you play a new lottery if you want to be certain that you do not break any rules. As stated above, you might lose your prize if you turn out to be too young to play that particular type of lottery in that jurisdiction.