Minimum Pull-Tabs Age

Just like bingo games, pull tabs are often less restricted and tend to come with a lower gambling age than many other types of gambling. This is true for some but not all states in the USA. Although pull tabs often have a low gambling age it still has a higher age than bingo in some states and is therefore the second least age restricted type of gambling.

One could ask why bingo and pull tabs have lower gambling age limits than most other gambling types - it would after all be easier for everyone if the same gambling age applied to all types of gambling within a specific state (or ideally nation wide). The reason behind the age discrepancy is usually that different types of gambling have different reputations and are not consider equally dangerous.

Games such as poker and sport betting are games that in the minds of many legislators are associated with degenerated gamblers for which the gambling have negative effects on the gamblers economic and social situation. The risk of becoming addicted and losing everything is perceived to be larger with these types of gambling and therefore the high gambling ages have been put in place to protect the young from this danger. Games like pull tabs and bingo on the other hand do not conjure up this image of social and economical disasters, even though in reality there are of course people who lost everything on these types of games as well. This means that the legislatiors in some states do not see the same need to protect younger citizens from bingo and pull tabs and the gambling age therefore is lower or non-existent. This is however not the case in all states and many states have the same gambling age for all types of gambling, from roulette to bingo.

States such as New Mexico, New York, North Carolina and North Dakota does not have an age limit for pulls tabs and every one is welcome to play regardless of age.

Below you will find a list of the pull tab gambling age across the USA.

Alabama 19

Alaska 21

Arizona 18

Arkansas 18

California 18

Colorado 18

Connecticut 18

Delaware 18

District of Columbia 18

Florida 18

Georgia 18

Hawaii n/a

Idaho 18

Illinois 18

Indiana 18

Iowa 21

Kansas 18

Kentucky 18

Louisiana 18

Maine 16

Maryland 18

Massachusetts 18

Michigan 18

Minnesota 18

Mississippi 18

Missouri 16

Montana 18

Nebraska 18

Nevada 21

New Hampshire 18

New Jersey 18

New Mexico no age limit

New York no age limit

North Carolina no age limit

North Dakota no age limit

Ohio 18

Oklahoma 18

Oregon n/a

Pennsylvania 18

Puerto Rico 18

Rhode Island 18

South Carolina ?

South Dakota 18

Tennessee ?

Texas 18, unless parent present

Utah n/a

Vermont 18

Virgin Islands ?

Virginia 18

Washington 18

West Virginia 18

Wisconsin 18

Wyoming 18

Information may be wrong and should not be considered legal advice. Check with a lawyer to make sure.

Internationally, the gambling age for pull tabs vary greatly just like they do in the USA. It is recommended that you research any state specifically before you go there to find out the gambling age if you plan to gamble. Remember that the gambling age can vary even within a country, e.g. between states or counties, and it is therefore a good idea to check the age for the specific area that you are going to visit. You can also ask about the gambling age once you have arrived. Don't forget that gambling is outlawed altogether in some countries.