Minimum Casinos & Slot Machines Gambling Age

The gambling age in the US and in other parts of the world is always a somewhat confusing story with a lot of different rules and regulations in different jurisdictions. The field lacks almost all coordination and the rules will therefore vary a lot, even between bordering areas. To make things even worse, you will find different regulations for different types of gambling. The minimum age to play bingo for money might not be same as for playing on a slot machine, placing a sport bet or even play the lottery.

In no area of gambling are the legal gambling age regulations more confusing than what is the case for casino and slot gambling. Poker is usually included in this area but is sometimes regulated on its own. The rules and regulation for most types of gambling at the very least keep the same gambling age throughout the state, but when it comes to casino play it is common that the rules vary greatly even within a country or state. An example is how Indian casinos sometimes have different rules with regards to the gambling age than do other casinos in the same state. It is also common for states to have separate rules for casino cruises than they do for other types of casino gambling.

To add to the confusion, casinos often have their own rules that are not always the same as the local laws. It is not uncommon that casinos keep a higher gambling age than do the state or country. The casinos are free to keep more strict rules than the law require and some do this to focus on older guests who tend to have more money to spend.

If you consider all this it is not hard to realize that the best thing to do is to call every single casino you are planning to visit and ask about their age requirements before you go there if you or someone in your party i below 21 years of age (ideally if under 25 years).

Below you will find a list of the legal gambling age at casinos in the USA (according to state legislation).

Alabama 19

Alaska n/a

Arizona 21

Arkansas 21

California 18-21

Colorado 21

Connecticut 21

Delaware 21

District of Columbia n/a

Florida 18 (cruises)

Georgia 18 (cruises)

Hawaii n/a

Idaho 18

Illinois 21

Indiana 21

Iowa 21

Kansas 21

Kentucky n/a

Louisiana 21

Maine 21

Maryland 21

Massachusetts 21 (casino ships)

Michigan 18 - 21

Minnesota 18 - 21

Mississippi 21

Missouri 21

Montana 18

Nebraska 21

Nevada 21

New Hampshire 21

New Jersey 21

New Mexico 21

New York 18 - 21

North Carolina 21

North Dakota 21

Ohio 21

Oklahoma 18 - 21

Oregon 18 - 21

Pennsylvania 21

Puerto Rico 18

Rhode Island 18

South Carolina 21 (casino ship)

South Dakota 21

Tennessee n/a

Texas 21 (casino ship)

Utah n/a

Vermont n/a

Virgin Islands 21

Virginia n/a

Washington 18 - 21

West Virginia 18

Wisconsin 18 - 21

Wyoming 18

Information may be wrong and should not be considered legal advice. Check with a lawyer to make sure.

Unfortunately we do not have a similar list for international destinations, but if you are planning a trip that involves casino gambling you should contact the individual casinos to find out their age requirements anyway. Many casinos have web sites where you can see the gambling age directly on screen without having to call them.