Minimum Bingo Gambling Age

Bingo and charity bingo is generally speaking one of the gambling types with the lowest legal gambling age. This type of gambling is often seen as less serious than other types of gambling and regarded as more okay for young people and children to take part in. This is likely due to the charity element and the fact that bingo lack the social stigma that many other forms of gambling is associated with. Many people do not associate bingo with gambling addiction and lost homes in the way they do other types of gambling. This does not mean that there aren't any people addicted to bingo and that there aren't any people that lost everything playing bingo - because there are. It is just that in most peoples mind, bingo is not associated with a degenerate gambler but with a sweet old church lady.

This is likely the reason why the gambling age for bingo is lower than most other types of gambling and several U.S. states. New York, New Mexico and Mississippi even lack a gambling age and every one is permitted to take part in bingo games regardless of age. There are however far from all U.S. states that have a more lenient view on bingo, and many have the same age requirment for bingo as for other types of gambling.

Here you will find the gambling age for bingo across the USA. (Keep reading for a brief international overview as well.)

Alabama No age limit

Alaska 19

Arizona 18

Arkansas 18

California 18

Colorado 18

Connecticut 18

Delaware 18

District of Columbia 18

Florida 18

Georgia 18

Hawaii N/a

Idaho 18

Illinois 18

Indiana 18

Iowa 21

Kansas 18

Kentucky 18

Louisiana 18

Maine 16

Maryland 18

Massachusetts 18

Michigan 18

Minnesota 18

Mississippi No age limit

Missouri 16

Montana 18

Nebraska 18

Nevada 21

New Hampshire 18

New Jersey 18

New Mexico no age limit

New York no age limit

North Carolina no age limit

North Dakota no age limit

Ohio 18

Oklahoma 16 (tribal) – 18 (non-tribal)

Oregon 18

Pennsylvania 18

Puerto Rico 18

Rhode Island 18

South Carolina ?

South Dakota 18

Tennessee ?

Texas 18, no age limit with parent present

Utah n/a

Vermont 18

Virgin Islands ?

Virginia 18

Washington 18

West Virginia 18

Wisconsin 18

Wyoming 18

Information may be wrong and should not be considered legal advice. Check with a lawyer to make sure.

Internationally, the gambling age varies just like it does in the USA. The gambling age can vary between neighboring countries as well as within a specific country. Some countries will allow anyone to play bingo, others have a gambling age of 18 or more for bingo, and yet other countries have outlawed all types of gambling – including bingo.

In some cases the stakes and prizes will affect the gambling age. It is therefore recommended that you ask about the gambling age in any country you want to play in before you play, or research that country specifically before you go there.