Gambling age for sport betting

Sports betting, including parimutuel betting, is strictly regulated in most countries. This is true both for minimum gambling ages and for who is allowed to take bets. Sport betting is a lucrative business which means that illegal bookmakers are commonplace in many parts of the worlds. We strongly recommend using reputable legal gambling operations in countries where such are available. If you cannot locate a legal gambling operation in your area, we recommend using a licensed sportsbook online rather than support illegal operations in your area.

The gambling age is enforced to different degrees in different countries and states, but it is important to remember that just because a rule is not strictly enforced it doesn't mean that it does not exist. If you play despite being underage it is possible that any winnings will be forfeited if you are found out.

In the United States, gambling age for sport betting is regulated by the states. The age limit varies but is most commonly 18 years. There are however several states where you need to be 19 or 21 to be allowed to play. There are also states that lack a legal gambling age.

North Dakota is something of a special case since they have two different gambling ages. The gambling age is 18 years if you visit the tracks yourself, while other types of gambling require you to be at least 21 years old.

Below you can find a list of the gambling age for sports betting in the United States.

Minimum Gambling Age for State Parimutuel Betting

Alabama 19

Alaska n/a

Arizona 21

Arkansas 18

California 18

Colorado 18

Connecticut 18

Delaware 18

District of Columbia n/a

Florida 18

Georgia n/a

Hawaii n/a

Idaho 18

Illinois 18

Indiana 18

Iowa 21

Kansas 21

Kentucky 18

Louisiana 18

Maine 18

Maryland 18

Massachusetts 18

Michigan 18

Minnesota 18

Mississippi n/a

Missouri 18

Montana 18

Nebraska 18

Nevada 21

New Hampshire 21

New Jersey 18

New Mexico 18

New York 18

North Carolina n/a

North Dakota 18 trackside / 21 OTB

Ohio 18

Oklahoma 18

Oregon 18

Pennsylvania 18

Puerto Rico 18

Rhode Island 18

South Carolina n/a

South Dakota 18

Tennessee 18

Texas 21

Utah n/a

Vermont n/a

Virgin Islands 21

Virginia 18

Washington 18

West Virginia 18

Wisconsin 18

Wyoming 18

Information may be wrong and should not be considered legal advice. Check with a lawyer to make sure.

If you plan on travelling abroad you should check the legal gambling age in each country you are going to visit and gamble in individually. The gambling age can vary greatly even between bordering nations (just like with US states) and you should therefore never assume that the gambling age is a certain age in one country based on what it is in a neighboring nation. There are numerous countries where gambling is illegal alltogether and where you might face severe penalties if you gamble. This is true even if you just visits these countries as a tourist.